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Want to get involved in a fun and exciting opportunity? Then LOST is the perfect event for you. Some of you may remember this RAG challenge from last year... and we are excited to announce that it will be making a comeback! Our RAG team are once again abandoning 30 of AUB's finest somewhere in the UK, all in the name of charity!

Yourself and your teammates will have to find your way back to Bournemouth without spending any money before any of the other teams do. The best part? You'll be taking part to raise funds for our chosen charity, Autism Wessex

"So, how can I get involved in this wild idea?" we hear you say.
"Well," we reply, "taking part is simple..."


1. Pick your team of three. Teams MUST be in three's for safety reasons.

2. Sign yourselves up by emailing with the names of your 3 team mates and you'll receive instructions on how to sign up

3. Get fundraising! You'll need to raise a minimum of £100 for Autism Wessex in order to take part. They're a great cause, so raise as much as you can

4. Attend our training session. Attendance is compulsory, because we need to make sure you all know what you're doing before we leave you in the middle of nowhere (We will advertise this later don't panic!) 

5. Jump on board our LOST coach on Saturday 2nd May, and let the fun begin!


Make sure to get organised and enter as soon as you can - we'll only be releasing 30 spaces, and once they're gone they're gone!


Further details to follow!