RAG Charities

There are so many charities and good causes that require help to continue the good work they do and AUBSU are always happy to lend a hand where we can. Every year the RAG Team compile a list of charities that they would like to help in the coming year and present them to the students for their selection. The charities that are chosen become the AUBSU RAG Charities of the year gaining them support and fundraising help from our RAG Team, invites to our RAG events, and opportunities to advertise for volunteers and support.


The RAG Charity of 2018/19 is:

Street Child



To tell us why you would like to be considered as one of our RAG Charities for 2019/20 please fill in and submit the form below by 31st July 2019. Applications will be checked and then presented to the students for their selection


Charity Name:                 

Reg. Charity Number:       

Contact Name:                

Contact Phone Number:    

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Charity Mission Statement: 

Why would you like to be an AUBSU Charity of the year?:

How do you envisage working with the AUBSU RAG Team?

If you have any questions please email: rag@aub.ac.uk