Academic Appeals


Academic appeals can be a stressful process, Arts University Bournemouth Students’ Union are here to give you independent advice and support.


We can help you:
  • Decide if an appeal is the best course of action for you.
  • Explain how the process works.
  • Advice you on how to structure your appeal statement.
  • Be with you at the committee as your supporter.

This is an overview of the procedure, please come and see us any time in the Students’ Union office or email us with any questions you might have at


When to Appeal

You need to make an appeal within 15 working days (don’t count Saturday/Sunday) of your results being published.


How do I Appeal?

To begin with you will need to write a letter of appeal that clearly explains what your appealing against and why, follow the prompts in this guide.


When to Appeal

Confirmation of unit marks and decisions about progression or award take place at an examination board which for BA courses are usually in June and for MA is in September.  You can only make an appeal once confirmed results have been published.


The Appeal Panel Hearing

The hearing is a formal meeting where one of the Sabbatical Officers will meet with senior academic staff to discuss the evidence and make a decision. You are welcome to join this meeting but your attendance will have no impact on the decision. If you do decide to attend you are able to bring one friend or relative with you, but make sure you let the appeals panel know in advance if this person is going to speak on your behalf or to provide moral support. If you don’t attend an email address is required in case a query arises and you will be given a couple of days to respond.

To be prepared for the meeting make sure you read through the documentation which you will be sent 7 days before the meeting. It is also a good idea to write down all the key points you want to make in the meeting as prompts for yourself.

One everyone has been introduced the meeting will run as it says in the policy.

After the panel you will be notified of the decision made in writing within five working days.