Top Tips


Here are some top tips compiled by various money saving experts. They might help you to save some money through your time at University.

  1. Take out a weekly budget in cash from your bank account, and limit yourself to spending only that amount
  2. Visit supermarkets in the evening, when the fresh food is reduced
  3. Ready-meals are expensive, so try to cook meals yourself. You can also cook more than you need, and freeze the leftovers so you have a meal for another day
  4. Always keep receipts in case purchased items become faulty, so that you can claim your money back or get a replacement
  5. Check your bank balance regularly; that way you will know exactly how much money you have and whether you are in-line with your budget
  6. Check out money saving and voucher code websites; keep physical paper vouchers together in a safe place so that you can find them when you need them (make sure to check expiry dates!)
  7. When doing your laundry, make sure you wash full loads to save water, energy and time
  8. Get an NUS card from and make sure you take full advantage of the discounts you are eligible for. NB: If you are a first year, you may receive a code for a free card in a university email. Contact us for more information: