Healthy eating

It can be difficult to get a balance and eat healthily while you’re at university whilst worrying about your budget, learning to cook for yourself and the tempting convenience of the chicken shop down the road. Here are a few tips on how to start getting a balance:

  1. Make sure you eat regularly, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    Getting into this routine will help set yourself up for a day in the studios and means you will snack less which will save you money too.
  2. Think about making the snacks you do buy as healthy as possible.
    A piece of fruit will keep your energy levels up for much longer than a chocolate bar.
  3. Make sure you get a varied diet, cooking and eating communally could help with this.
    You could try something new, get tips and save money by sharing food.
  4. Head to the local greengrocer, often the fruit and veg is better quality so lasts longer and and can be cheaper.
  5. Don’t forget some times you might actually be thirsty and not hungry so keep hydrated with lots of water. 
    Bring a bottle and save money by topping up at the water fountains around campus.

If you need some inspiration for what you can bring for lunch or cook for dinner have a look at these websites:

Student Recipes

BBC Good Food

Student Cooking



After being in the studio all day its good to get out be active and relieve some stress.
There are plenty of gyms, swimming pools and clubs around that you could join and take part in a new activity or sport.
Most gyms offer special student rates and Students' Union clubs have a subsidised membership.

Sport BU

Membership for Sport BU is available for students’ from AUB to join at just £180 for the year, this includes unlimited access to the gym and classes. If you would rather pay as you go its just £5 a gym session or class. All you need to do is go next door to the Sport BU main reception with your student card to register or book a class.

BH Live

Joining BH live for the student rate of £275 a year entitles you to unlimited use of the Gym, Swimming, Spa and Class Timetable any day, at all four BH Live Centre’s across Bournemouth. This includes Stokewood leisure center in Winton which is perfect for a ‘swim and chill’ session after uni.

The Gym

29-36 Westover Road



If you just want a cheap and cheerful standard gym, The Gym is just £12.99 a month for students. There is no contract, this means you can freeze your membership if you go home or money gets tight.

Clubs & Societies 

We have a whole range of sports clubs and societies you can get involved in Tae Kwon Do, Rugby, Circus and Netball to name but a few… to see the full list head to our Clubs & Socs page.