Physical health is just as important as our mental health, especially at university. Healthy eating, exercise, and getting into a good sleep routine all improve our physical health, and can often positively impact our mental health too. Bonus!


Healthy eating

Healthy eating at uni can be a struggle, especially when you're worrying about your budget. Shopping at cheaper supermarkets such as ALDI and LIDL can help to ensure your money goes further and that you are able to factor in healthy food into your weekly food shop, as can using your NUS Totum discount card. Buy your fruit and veg seasonally when it is cheapest, try swapping out some of your snacks for healthier, more energy-boosting alternatives, and make sure you're drinking enough water too. 



If you're holed up in the studio all day then getting just half an hour of exercise can really work wonders on your health. Consider swapping the U1 for a bike and cycle to uni (we wrote a super handy guide here to help get you on your bike) for a fun and healthy commute. 



SportBU is located next door on the Bournemouth University campus, and offers AUB students a discounted membership for the academic year. Membership gives you unlimited access to the gym and the full timetable of classes, as well as health and fitness support. Click here to join. 



AUBSU has its own program of sports that are casual, friendly, and require no long-term commitment. The sports on offer change regularly, giving you the opportunity to try out a whole range of activities. Best of all, the sessions cost just £2 each! Find out more here