Managing Stress



Our theme for April is Stress. Yep, I bet you’re familiar with that. If you aren’t then you should definitely read our coffee cup analogy in the resources below. Actually, everyone should read it because it shows us just how stress can build up and how it can happen to anyone. (Find it below!)


Step 1 for managing stress is to recognise it. Too many people ignore stress and keep on as they are until they burn out. But if you recognise stress then you can put tools in place to help manage it or understand that you may have to prioritise certain tasks in order to maintain your wellbeing.


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- TIPS -

Here are some tips to help you manage stress. For more, check out our resources section below to download some printable activities and follow our Instagram @aubsu_matter! 

  • Set small, measurable and achievable goals for yourself
  • Focus on yourself and not on what other people’s expectations are
  • Dedicate time to organising yourself – it’s an investment of time not a waste
  • Prioritise tasks if you don’t have time for everything. What’s most important?


Download our printable journal pages for more advice and productive activities on this month's theme. 


Don't forget!...

The Small Things Matter campaign is all about supporting you, with tools, tips and a bunch of courage to take the next step for you, however small: every step you take is no step too small. Small steps have big impact.

You can find us out and about (usually on the courtyard) on the first Tuesday of each month talking wellbeing and sharing advice. Expect things like cactus repotting, cups of tea and self-care gifts!