Our theme for Sundays is Self Kindness. Out of everyone we know, we often treat ourselves the worst, beating ourselves up for mistakes and expecting perfection. Self-care starts with understanding yourself and what you need to maintain a healthy body and mind. It could be time for yourself, saying no to avoid taking on too much or allocating time to spend with pals.  


- TIPS -

Here are some tips to help you with your self-care. For more, check out our resources section below to download some printable activities and follow our Instagram @aubsu_matter

  • Create a self-care plan using our template below, consdiring your physical and mental needs
  • Take time to understand your needs and what makes you tick. (Take this quiz to get to know yourself better!) 
  • Make sure you're eating well; keep topped up with fruit & veg!
  • Treat yourself like you'd treat a friend. Allow for mistakes and don't ask too much of yourself



Download our printable journal pages for more advice and productive activities on this theme. Resources will be updated weekly!



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