Our theme for December is Self-care. It’s a really big theme because self-care covers all the different ways to look after yourself, not just face-masks and pizza! Self-care is understanding your own limitations and accepting them. It’s focusing on your strengths, not dwelling on your weaknesses. And it’s about saying no to other people so that you can preserve energy for yourself.


Think about your priorities and what you’re spending your time on. (You can use our priority tracker in the resources below to do this properly.) Are you getting enough rest? By rest, we don’t mean sleep but taking time to recharge, however it is that you do it. Maybe it’s time to reassign time to make sure you’re looking after yourself more.  




This December, we braved the cold to bring you some festive self-care gifts! We had 25 gifts, placed on and around our self-care Christmas tree that all went to 25 of you through our lucky dip. And for those that didn’t get an extra special present, there were mince pies, treats and hot chocolate for all! Remember, don’t rely on us for self-care gifts this holiday – rely on yourself!   


- TIPS -

Here are some tips to help you look after yourself. For more, check out our resources section below to download some printable activities and follow our Instagram @aubsu_matter! 

  • Taking some time for you doesn’t mean you’re wasting time!
  • Have a ‘lighter’ getting ready routine for overwhelming days
  • Let others take care of you sometimes
  • Change your bedsheets. Simple and effective!


Download our printable journal pages for more advice and productive activities on this month's theme. 


Don't forget!...

The Small Things Matter campaign is all about supporting you, with tools, tips and a bunch of courage to take the next step for you, however small: every step you take is no step too small. Small steps have big impact.

You can find us out and about (usually on the courtyard) on the first Tuesday of each month talking wellbeing and sharing advice. Expect things like cactus repotting, cups of tea and self-care gifts!