Our theme for Fridays is Keeping Calm. There's a lot going on at the moment, with lots to try and keep up with and to adjust to. It's also quite a worrying time so it's vital to focus on your sources of calm and ensure you prioritise your head space. And what better time to do that than on Fridays to get yourself set up for a playful and relaxing weekend? 


- TIPS -

Here are some tips to help you keep calm. For more, check out our resources section below to download some printable activities and follow our Instagram @aubsu_matter

  • Try some relaxation apps like Headspace to practise mindfulness and meditation
  • Allocate designated time to check the news 
  • Reach out to people - keeping conversations open and getting thoughts off your mind helps!
  • Get outside; take breaks in your garden or out to a parks for a walk



Download our printable journal pages for more advice and productive activities on this theme. Resources will be updated weekly!



Get some headspace by downloading some colouring in packs and setting aside some time to focus on one single task:


Don't forget!...

The Small Things Matter campaign is all about supporting you, with tools, tips and a bunch of courage to take the next step for you, however small: every step you take is no step too small. Small steps have big impact.