Our theme for March is handling your Low Mood. When we think about what we want to feel in life, we often leap straight to ‘happy’. But we forget that happiness isn’t a state of being, but simply a mood. We all have our ups and downs and we can’t expect to be ‘happy’ all the time. Instead, we need to manage our low moods and focus on the good.


Low mood can leave you feeling anxious, physically tired and sometimes lead to depression. Sometimes it’s triggered by events in our lives or can be reactive to other people, other times it simply comes for seemingly no reason.


Learning to recognise and manage your low mood is key – find out what helps you feel better and do it! Or seek support if you feel depressed over a longer period of time.    


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- TIPS -

Here are some tips to help you manage low moods. For more, check out our resources section below to download some printable activities and follow our Instagram @aubsu_matter! 

  • Reflect on 3 things that you’re grateful for at the end of each day
  • Don’t pretend everything is fine if it isn’t – this can be more draining
  • Find what brings you out of your low mood, like friends, getting active or being creative
  • Don’t be afraid to seek further support


Download our printable journal pages for more advice and productive activities on this month's theme. 


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The Small Things Matter campaign is all about supporting you, with tools, tips and a bunch of courage to take the next step for you, however small: every step you take is no step too small. Small steps have big impact.

You can find us out and about (usually on the courtyard) on the first Tuesday of each month talking wellbeing and sharing advice. Expect things like cactus repotting, cups of tea and self-care gifts!