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Our SU Assistant, the wonderful Hannah, has got some settling in tips ahead of Freshers 2020! 


worried about starting uni?

We know it’s been a summer of uncertainty and that things might be a bit different to what you expected, but we’re so glad you made it and there’s still good stuff in store for you!

Settling into Uni well and quickly is all about starting off on the right foot. Taking small steps now can have a big impact on your experience of Uni life going forward, so here’s our first 5 essential steps to get you started!


1) be the first

Feeling Nervous? You won’t be alone! Fear can make us retreat- but remember everyone wants to make friends right now, so just go for it! First impressions do count here, so take small steps to boost your confidence; put your best foot forward (even if you don’t feel it) wear that outfit you feel awesome in, smile and have a line ready for that conversation. See how quickly people will respect you for making the first move!


2) home from home

Setting up your space will be really important for you to feel safe and at home. Be sure that the bed is uncluttered for good sleep and make a separate workspace with things that inspire you. Photos and special bits from home can go on a pin board and we’d always say add a plant or two! Make it a place you’ll want to be in, even if you sometimes miss home. Make it your new home.


3) start self care now

You may not know it yet, but you have just embarked on a journey of self development, this adventure will help you discover who you are and what makes you tick. You are in charge now, look after yourself! Do you thrive off routine or exercise? Maybe you'd choose people over everything, or perhaps reading refuels you. Understanding what helps you to be happy and healthy and doing them will stand you in good stead to enjoy Uni and beyond.


4) have a plan

Don’t underestimate the impact of being a bit organised. We all need some kind of plan or routine to help us get things in balance and give some shape to the week. Make plans with others- plan your meals, a food shop day and if you’ve got the skills, make a meal for your new housemates- a sure way to make friends quickly who will find out you’re a good person to be around!


5) get connected

Getting to know people is key to helping you feel like you belong. Connecting with your house mates, course mates, tutors and the community are all areas that you’ll be able to build on while you’re here. Some things will be online this year, so ask others, chat to your Course Rep and utilise social media platforms to keep in touch with things that are going on. Get into groups and clubs that you enjoy as soon as you can- don’t put off! AUBSU is buzzing with options so if you need a hand to find your thing we can point you in the right direction!



sometimes things don't go to plan, and even with these steps it takes time to settle in. Expect some wobbles and be super kind to yourself and others! 



want to talk?

If you’re experiencing difficulties and you’d like to talk about them, or you’re worried about someone else, you can get in contact with who can offer you wellbeing advice and counselling support.