Volunteer information

This page contains all the information you need to know before you start any volunteering, including the volunteer agreement, info on your personal details and advice for those on Tier 4 visas. Once you've given it a read through, you can begin creating your volunteer profile and browsing the volunteer opportunities available. Make sure you're logged in to access the module! 

Volunteer Agreement

By volunteering through AUBSU, you are agreeing to the following:

  • To represent AUB in the wider community in a positive way
  • To undertake any required training and to make yourself familiar with policies and procedures relevant to the volunteer role
  • To be respectful towards everyone that you volunteer with, including members of the public, and staff and volunteers at the organisation
  • To inform the organisation about any changes to your circumstances (including change of contact details)
  • To be a committed, punctual and reliable volunteer and to always inform the organisation if you are unable to volunteer
  • If there is a problem or you feel uncomfortable in your role to inform the organisation's volunteer coordinator and AUBSU
  • If you no longer wish to volunteer, to inform the organisation with advance notice
  • For your details to be shared with third parties relevant to the volunteering module
  • If your the organisation has discontinued your volunteership or feels like there is an issue then you consent to the organisation sharing this information with AUBSU and letting us know the reasons behind this.  

Please be aware that in some cases, failure to act appropriately or adhere to this agreement could result in disciplinary action.


Personal Details

This site is a host for a whole range of organisations and charities to promote their opportunities to AUB students. This means that once you have applied to an opportunity it is up to you and the organisation to liaise and arrange further details. Therefore, any organisation that you apply to volunteer with will have access to your contact details. By using the volunteering module, you are giving consent for your details to be shared with these third parties. 


Tier 4 Visas 

If you’re a student on a Tier 4 visa, you must make yourself familiar with the difference between voluntary work and volunteering. While you can do both, volunteer work contributes to your work allowance and you must limit your hours in term time to avoid exceeding your Tier 4 limit.

You should read more about Tier 4 visas if you are unsure about these regulations but this a brief summary of the volunteering and voluntary work:

Voluntary work:
  • You will usually have contractual agreement to perform the work and the organisation would be 'contractually' required to provide the work. Note that the contract does not have to be a written contact.
  • Voluntary workers are usually paid in some way
  • You will not have a contract of employment (written or otherwise)
  • You must not take the place of an employee
  • You must not receive any form of payment (this excludes travel or maintenance expenses)
  • Usually, you will be helping a charity, voluntary or public sector organisation, such as a registered charity

 Read more on the differences between voluntary work and volunteering in this guide (pages 6-13). Please get in touch if you have any questions.