We recognise that doing extra stuff on top of your course does take dedication and hard work. That's why we've come up with a series of awards so that you get official recognition for all your effort. 


Volunteer Awards

If you get involved with community volunteering, you'll automatically receive awards for the amount of hours you volunteer over the academic year - volunteer 10+ hours for Bronze, 25+ hours for Silver and 50+ for Gold. All you need to do is log your hours on the Level Up module and we'll let you know when you've reached an award!


Level Up Awards

For all AUBSU related activities (Course-Reps, Exec Officers, Activators, Club/Soc Committees, BUMF, RAG and Green) we'll recognise all the stuff that you do through our Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby awards. Again, just log your hours in the Level Up module throughout the year and keep touching base with AUBSU about what you're up to to make sure you get your award.

Don't worry, if you do both community volunteering and AUBSU activities you'll get both awards! Clearly you're an awesome person who deserves many awards.


AUBSU Thank Yous

At the end of the year, we have a jolly old knees-up to celebrate all the amazing student-led stuff you guys have done. We also use this as an excuse to hand out some special awards to recognise individuals who have gone above and beyond that we think deserve a shout-out. These include Exec of the Year, Course Rep of the Year, Club/Society Awards, BUMF Awards and Green Team & RAG Team Members of the Year.