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Communications Officer (2 places)

Coordinators of communication opportunities amongst students.

• Work closely with the Sabbatical Officers to manage all content and deadlines of BUMF:Media, and recruit a team for BUMF 

• Recruit a team for BUMF:Gallery and promote all exhibitions through BUMF:Media

• Create a sense of community through communication and coverage of student work and events through the BUMF platform

• Assist the SU in the promotion and communication of SU events

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Community Officer

Facilitator of community opportunities for students.

• Promote greater links between AUB students and the local community

• Work to identify areas for green and volunteering opportunities

• Liase with AUB and SUBU Community Wardens and Student Services to identify issues or concerns that might affect student welfare

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Events Officer

Creator of event opportunities for students.

• Work with Sabbatical Officers, SU Staff and other Execs to produce high quality events for students

• Help organise and develop annual events held by AUBSU, such as Freshers and Grad Ball

• Organise brand new events – anything from club nights to hosting pop-up events on campus – that will appeal to students

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Gender Equalities Officer

Promoter of equal rights for students of all gender identities at AUB.

• Ensure that staff and students of all genders are represented and treated equally at AUB

• Run gender equality awareness events and campaigns

• Attend the AUB Equalities Committee as a Student Representative, speaking on behalf of students to ensure any issues regarding gender equality are being addressed


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Green Officer

Promotes and campaigns for sustainability at AUB.

• Lead the SU Green Team to develop green campaigns and encourage students to become involved with environmental issues

• Run awareness events and campaigns

• Attend the AUB Environmental Committee as a Student Representative, ensuring student views regarding AUB’s ecological footprint are represented

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International Officer (Equalities)

Campaigner for equal rights for students of all nationalities at AUB.

• Represent the interests of AUB’s growing population of international students

• Liaise with the International Department at AUB

• Hold events and socials to help international students adjust to life in the UK


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LGBT+ Officer (Equalities) (2 places)

Representative of LBGT+ students at AUB.

• Ensure that members of AUB’s LGBT+ community are represented and supported during their time at university

• Liase with the LGBT+ Society at BU

• Run awareness campaigns and events

• Attend the AUB Equalities Committee as a Student Representative, speaking on behalf of LGBT+ students and addressing any issues

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Mature/Postgraduate Officer (Equalities)

Representative of mature and postgraduate students at AUB.

• Ensure that mature and postgraduate students are well represented within the University

• Liase with Mature Students to organise appropriate events eg. Coffee Mornings

• Attend the AUB Equalities Committee as a Student Representative, ensuring that mature and postgraduate students are represented

• Must be over 23 years old

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Primary representative of the Students' Union.

• Lead AUBSU – act as the primary representative and contact of the SU

• Supervise SU finances, staffing, and budget

• Devise the strategic plan for the SU

• Represent the interests of students, and lobby for change

• Act as a student representative on AUB Board of Governors

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Race Equalities Officer

Campaigner for equal rights for students of all races and ethnicities at AUB.

• Ensure that students of all backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities are represented and treated equally during their time at AUB

• Run campaigns and awareness events around race equality

• Attend the AUB Equalities Committee as a Student Representative, addressing any issues of concern regarding race equality

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RAG Officer

Promoter of fundraising opportunities for students at AUB.

• Carry out a vote within the Exec Committee to nominate one or more charities for the SU to support

• Raise awareness of fundraising opportunities

• Implement fundraising initiatives – from skydiving to print sales – to support the the chosen charities of the year

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Societies Officer

Representative of society committees and members at AUBSU.

• Develop existing and new societies

• Work to ensure all societies are following SU guidelines

• Promote societies across AUB and BU

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Sports Officer

Representative of sporting club leaders and members at AUBSU.

• Work with Sabbatical Officers, Execs, and the SU’s Sports Assistant to develop new and existing sports clubs

• Work with the getting more AUB sports teams and clubs in BUCS

• Encourage participation and engagement of students in sport

• Encourage cross-collaboration between clubs and help in organising socials and events

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Students with Disabilities Officer (Equalities)

Representative of students with disabilities at AUB.

• Ensure all students with both physical and non-physical disabilities are represented within AUB

• Be aware of support provided by AUB to disabled students, and promote opportunities.

• Liase with Disabilities Coordinator at AUB

• Attend AUB Equalities Committee as a Student Representative

• Must define as currently or previously suffering with a disability

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Primary representative of student education and welfare.

• Support the President in leading the SU

• Represent students on every course

• Oversee the course rep system, and host course rep drop-in sessions

• Lobbying to improve academic areas of the University including library, teaching and resources

• Develop campaigns that address issues such as the development of further education, graduate employability, accommodation, welfare, and equality

• Developing and celebrating diversity, equality, green policies, and student welfare 

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Volunteering Officer

Promoter of volunteering opportunities for students.

• Promote volunteering opportunities within AUB, the local area, and further afield

• Identify issues or areas which students can dedicate their time to in order to make a difference

• Work closely with the RAG Officer

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