GIAG: Disabilities Celebration Month - Yoga in the dark online

Friday 27 November 2020, 5pm - 6pm

Location: on Zoom

Yoga In The Dark - Let Us See differently

We are here to celebrate the benefits of practicing yoga in the dark in order to

support and embrace the individual’s uniqueness in our community. During this

experience we begin to slow down and to welcome this inward-drawn attention so

we get the opportunity to know who we truly are.

When we practice in the dark, it allows you to deepen my practice of ‘pratyahara’ (

meditational practice in terms of withdrawing of the senses), and to focus more

immensely on the yoga poses at hand.

Practicing yoga in the dark is a powerful way to connect your body and mind. It can

be done in a dark room with or without candles or with the assistance of a blindfold

eye mask. This will add a whole new aspect to your practice. You will notice by

removing the sense of sight, the mind the body will be challenged, therefore, we

experience yoga in a new different way.