Market Day

Wednesday 06 March 2019, noon - 2pm

Location: AUB Courtyard

You know the drill by this point folks...

Prints, artwork, clothes, cards, pins, crafts, cakes, books, and much much more will all be on sale in the courtyard between 12-2pm. As it falls on Valentines Day expect to see a whole bunch of gifts and cards too - all made by your very own fellow student beans.

If the usual Market Day shenanigans don't tickle your fancy, then maybe we can tempt you with the return of the AUBSU Green Team Swap Shop! Bring any old items of clothes that you no longer want and trade them in for some brand-spankin' new ones (and by 'brand spankin' new' we mean they're actually second hand. But they're new to you)

Want to set up a table and sell your wares? Signup here.