Freshers 2019: Board Game Night


£2.00 (Standard Entry)
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Thursday 19 September 2019, 6pm - 8pm

Location: Arts Bar, AUB Campus

We hope you're not "board" of all these Freshers events...

(It's okay, we'll see ourselves out; you're right, it was a bit of a "dice-y" pun.
No, no we're done now.)

We've teamed up with Bag of Holding (based in The Triangle, Bournemouth) to hold yet another of our popular board game nights.
Enjoy a game of Exploding Kittens, Carcassonne, Fluxx, Colt Express, Ticket to Ride, and many many more.
You'll also be able to meet our amazing Board Games Society, who meet weekly for games and other shenanigans.

This event is also part of our Chill AF Package.