AUBSU’s Top Apps for Managing Isolation

We’re all experiencing a massive change in our routine, which is bound to affect our social lives, productivity and mood. So seeing as online is now the new outside, we’ve rounded up some apps that’ll help you get into a new, healthy routine…


Staying Connected

‘Social distancing’ seems to be the new phrase of the month but that isn’t one we like to use. Physical distancing, yes. Social? Nope. Self-isolating doesn’t have to be anti-social! Here are our favourite apps for staying connected with your pals.


Houseparty is a great video chat app. It acts just like a social space, where you can walk into a room and start chatting with whomever is in there. That goes one step further than other apps because it means you can still chat to friends of friends and people you haven’t met before so long as you know at least one person in the ‘room’. Plus, you can play pictionary and do quizzes together in the chats too.


Largely used for gamers, Discord has now been adopted as the must-have app for groups of people looking to connect. It’s what us lot at AUBSU are using and it’s what you can use too, for social chat or for group projects. It has voice and video chat options, as well as the standard text chat; some useful features include its ability to create different channels and meeting rooms so you can easily organise what chat is relevant where.


Zoom is the go-to app for video and audio calls. Chat in groups, or chat one-to-one. Not much more to say on this one except that it’s good for chatting and chatting is good!


Staying Productive

Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you can’t stay productive and get stuff done! Really, shouldn’t we all be more productive at this time? (wishful thinking…)

Work wise, apps like Sessions, Google Tasks, TickTick and Shovel study planner are ideal for keeping you productive. Sessions sets out dedicated time for you to complete a task so you stay focused, Google Tasks and TickTick integrate a to-do list into your google account and gmail calendar, and Shovel helps you plan your goals around your time.

Productivity doesn’t just have to be work focused though! You can use these apps to help with good habits and new hobbies. Our favourite habit-tracking app is Habitica, which gives you your own avatar and gamifies your habits to make them more motivational and fun. It lets you level up and rewards you with battle armour, magic skills and pets for keeping up your habits and even lets you battle monsters with friends. Right up our street. Then there are apps like Lumosity, which are a productive alternative to brain-numbing games, as they let you play AND train your brain. Did someone say guilt-free gaming?  

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Staying Well

Now more than ever it’s important to look after yourself, and yep, you guessed it, there are apps to help you do that too. With isolation and physical-distancing, you might find yourself a regular on your sofa. Stand-Up is the app for you, as it makes sure you get vertical throughout the day by helping you plan your breaks. Just because you’re stuck inside doesn’t mean you need to be productive all the time!

Speaking of, now’s a good time for us to bring up Netflix Party. Netflix Party is a chrome extension which let’s you stream from Netflix with your pals so you can all watch TV together, separately. It’s good to get social interactions where you can - even watching some Netflix with a pal can help you feel connected.

Finally, have a browse of the mediation and mindfulness apps out there. There are tons but we have always been firm fans of Headspace, the meditation app. If you haven’t tried it yet, do! It’ll help ground you.  


Staying Playful

Finally, it’s game time! There’re loads of games you can play on your own but why not play with mates? It’s a fun way of keeping in touch and generating something to chat about when there’s not much going on otherwise. Here at AUBSU, we’ve always been fond of Psych because it’s all about outwitting your mates and hey, that’s just the sort of people we are. But if that isn’t for you, try online Pictionary, Scrabble or even online Settlers of Catan for the slightly more advanced gamer.


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