What to do if your favourite society is on pause

With the move away from campus and online, you’re inevitably going to be missing out from all the fun our clubs and societies brought. Worry not, we’ve been on the search for some digital alternatives so you can keep doing the things you love or try something new (no time like the present, right?).

Some of our societies are still holding digital meets and running activities so do check their social media pages or pop them a message to see if you can get involved in anything!


Dance Fitness & Burlesque

Our wonderful Burlesque instructor Ruby is hosting live classes that you can do from home, with classes running on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. BYOF (Bring your own feathers). AUBSU is looking into covering your costs for this so get in touch with our friendly Burlesque Society if you’d like to dance along for free too!

If you’re looking to stay active from your home, there’s a bundle of dance fitness videos on Youtube for you to follow along to. Have a browse and find one that’s your jam. We like The Fitness Marshall, for no big reason other than we just think he’s fun and sometimes he uses silly special effects.


Life Drawing / Drawing and Painting

We’d forgive you for thinking that Life Drawing isn’t something you could do from home (well, unless you had a few liberal housemates…) but, actually, it is. All The Young Nudes host live online life drawing sessions that you can e-attend.  

There are also websites that have a whole bank of resources like ArtModelTips.com, which contain a massive range of photographed poses and advice on drawing techniques.

If you’re just looking for some creative prompts that you can use for doodles or creative projects, then give our @aubsu_matter page a follow, as they post up a new prompt every morning on their story. Prompts range from objects, ideas, colours and adjectives and you can do pick and choose which you’d like to do (or commit to the daily challenge!).  


Creative Writing

There’s a ton of websites and channels out there providing writing prompts, but some great community projects have immerged to help tackle isolation with creative writing.

Singer Maggie Rogers has launched ‘The Isolation Journals’ with the simple ethos: "Do one creative act each day”. She states: “This group is a collective of resilient humans who – like you – are committed to cultivating community and creativity during hard times.” The prompts are free and are released daily, with some prompts suggested by other renowned musicians. Read more.  

For the dedicated writers amongst you, you would have no doubt heard of NaNoWriMo, a community focused on supporting you through National Novel Writing Month. They have released a new project #StayHomeWriMo – on this hashtag you’ll find activities you can take on “to support your physical, mental, creative, and social well-being”. Get writing!



Making a zine is a great way to spend an afternoon or ideal for a longer term project and there’s loads of advice out there about how to get started.

Our favourite museum The Wellcome Collection recently did a Insta Livestream Zine Making Workshop. You can find the live in their story highlights, as well as some of the zines people have made to provide some inspiration.

That being said, our lovely Zine society have loads of great content on their Instagram and are still meeting to do some online collab drawing together. Keep an eye on their page or pop them a message if you’d like to join them!

If you haven't heard of Idontwanttogoinsane, then definitely check it out. Launched at AUB, it's a non-profit Mental Health Awareness art Zine, showcasing artists dealing with, and discussing, mental health. Oh, and they're currently taking submissions for their new zine 'Quaran-Zine' of art created during isolation! (Deadline: 31 May.)



This one is probably the most obvious for online alternatives, as there are loads of online games out there that you can play with your pals. If you’re ready to delve in then check out this Reddit Thread on online boardgames to clue in into the good’uns. Sites like Board Game Arena have thousands of games you can play (we recommend Saboteur or Hanabi!) and our firm favourite JackBox has announced it’s offering Drawful for free for a couple of weeks so get on that asap!


Animated Short Film / Film Screenings

What do you need this section for when you have Netflix, right? Wrong. There’s a load of indie content out there that you may be missing! For a start, we’ve been screening AUB Animation Films on our Facebook page (watch here) – keep an eye out for more of our lives coming up.

Great news – your AUB log-in grants you access to a load of online content like Digital Theatre Plus and Box of Broadcasts (BOB). That means you’ll have access to a load of contemporary theatre and dance, as well as pretty much every TV show shown in the UK (Access 2.2 million broadcasts dating back to the 1970s).

Okay, okay, you can screen Netflix content too (looking at you Bad Movie Soc) – try the extension Netflix Party to help you and your mates all watch at the same time and chat along.


Hopefully all that should keep you busy for a while! If we’re missing something cool, then message it over to us @aubsu and we’ll share!