Sustainability challenge


At AUBSU we like to think we're pretty green, but even with the best intentions it is still sometimes to choose convenience over sustainability or price over ethics. We've spent the last year identifying our practices with the most negative environmental impact and what we can improve on.


In 2017-2018, we used 42 Product providers for 86 different orders. However, we found that we were buying online when we could buy local and could make a more conscious choice to choose Fairtrade or ethical products.


That's why we've created a 2 year plan to become more sustainable and ethical in our purchasing and consumption. 

The challenge will run from 2018 to 2020 and will follow our SMART environmental plan of best practices. In addition to the work we'll be doing within the office, AUBSU will still be supporting our student-led campaigns run with the Green Team and will work with and support the University in their environmental plans. 


Key actions

  • To buy local where possible (and to group online purchases where it is appropriate to buy online)
  • To use an ethical supplier for our Clothes Shop
  • To avoid single-use plastics
  • To work to achieve Fairtrade creditation with the university
  • To engage our AUB community with Fast-fashion, Fairtrade, ethical consumerism or similar through at least 3 events each year
  • To run our AUBSU Swap Shop on Market Days to encourage reuse over fast-fashion


Read the action plan

We have a full SMART action plan on Sustainable & Ethical Purchasing and Consumption, including how we will measure our successes, which you can read here.