We've been working our socks off to provide support and activities for you during the pandemic.
We know it's a challenging time for everyone, and we've been listening to what you want and need.

Here's some things we've managed to implement in the short time we've been away from campus.



You've been telling us that you need tips and support with staying motivated, productive and looking after your wellbeing.

We've updated and reorganised the Small Things Matter section of the website, to give you resources on a requested topic for each day of the week.

We've also been super-active online, chatting to you and making sure that what we're putting out there is what you need.

KEEPING active

A lot of you have expressed concern about staying active whilst staying indoors. We've hopped onto the Gains Train to bring you little exercises you can do in smaller spaces.

Even better, we've popped them all into a YouTube playlist, called Give it a Go: Shorts.

Staying Updated

There's been a lot of worry about degrees, coursework and deadlines, and we've been keeping in contact with the Uni to stay up-to-date and pass on feedback from students.

We're also talking to Course Leaders about the academic and course-related issues you bring us.

Got some feedback? Let us know by dropping us an email.

Giving you info

There's a lot going on at the moment, and we're making sure to point you in the right direction, so that you have access to the most updated information from the University.

Make sure that you're regularly checking your student email for the latest updates from the Vice Chancellor.

We also had our VC on our Monday Mood livestream, to talk about how to stay motivated, and where to focus your work (and what his favourite biscuit is).


We're all being very good and staying indoors, but a lot of you are telling us that you feel disconnected.

We've created a community Facebook group, where we'll be hosting collaborative events, quizzes, and livestreams to help you maintain a sense of connectedness.

Come and join us!

No Meat Meetings

We had lots of feedback whilst we were still on campus about the way that the Union provides food at meetings and events. We've worked on the basis of providing meat-free food at these activities for a while, but have recently passed an official policy for just that!

Check it out here!