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Freshers 2019: Monday 16th – Saturday 21st September



Starting University is one of the most fantastic, but also incredibly scary experiences! Have no fear however - your Student Union is here for you! We offer a wide range of activities, events, opportunities, and support in order to help support you throughout your entire AUB experience.  Think of us as your second family, because that is essentially what we are. We celebrate the fantastic things that you do all year round ~ as well as actively try to enhance your experience and time here!


Our Freshers period is jam-packed full of events and creative experiences, with something for everyone, and the perfect way to get to know your new housemates, meet loads of new people and start enjoying University life! We have quiet cinema nights for those who just want to unwind and watch a good film, a BBQ where we can all talk and enjoy the sunshine, and even some wicked outdoor experience days where you can truly get a grasp of what Bournemouth has to offer.


One of the highlights of the period is Freshers Fayre – which is a must for all new students to attend. Don’t worry if you’re busy, there are still plenty of opportunities to get involved in all year round! Our sports & societies don’t just suddenly stop accepting new members – you can join whenever!


We know you probably have a lot of questions – which is why we’ve made you a dedicated section on our website for all the questions you may possibly have, as well as lots of information on who you may meet when you arrive, and who to talk to if something goes wrong! In the meantime, whilst we are still setting things up for September, if you’ve got a question and it’s not answered here just get in touch via our email or you can reach us on one of our social media platforms:




Keep checking back for more on Fresher’s news throughout the summer, and get involved now with our Official Freshers 2019 Facebook Group - a great platform to interact and engage with fellow students not only in the build up to arrivals but also once you’re on campus in September. Of course to check any live news and updates for when our events are happening - be sure to join in our Official Freshers 2019 Facebook Event too for all the latest news! 


Be sure to check out all our Official Freshers outlets to stay up to date on the latest information you'll need ahead of Freshers 2019. Please be aware that these are the ONLY Official spaces where you can guarantee 100% of the information is coming from us. Don't be fooled by third-party competitors lurking on the internet: 


Freshers Group:
Freshers Page:
Freshers Event:


Want to find out more about AUBSU? Why not read our brand new 2019 Freshers Guide? Available to read online soon!


We look forward to welcoming you in September!

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Freshers 2019 may be over... but 2020? Now that's a whole other story!