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Once you arrive, there will be lots of friendly faces around campus to help welcome you and answer any questions you may have. You’re also welcome to pop into the Student Union office and meet Jerry ~ our fluffy seagull mascot! As well as talk to any members of the executive team, or staff team – we are all super chill we promise! 

Of course, we know you probably have a million and one questions swirling round in your head right now – so we’ve compiled a simple list with some of the most frequent questions we get asked! 


Where can I get tickets for events?

Any event that we do that requires a ticket, can only be purchased online via our website. Just click HERE to gain quick access to all the events we currently have on offer for Freshers 2019! 


What if an event has sold out?

For some of our events, such as our creative workshops – we can only offer a limited amount of tickets, as these events need to be pre-booked with an external organiser! If we do have any spare tickets available, we will notify you all of this via social media! 


What do I need to get in to an event?

The majority of our events just require you to bring along your Student ID, or proof that you purchased a ticket. Unlike many other SU’s, we don’t run many club nights – as we’ve found from past experience that those nights aren’t as popular with our students. When we do run events such as these however, you will need to bring along a piece of ID just so we can confirm who you are


Can I bring a friend to events?

Yes – in fact 2nd, 3rd, and Masters students are all welcome to attend as well. Our Freshers events are all inclusive, and we want everyone to feel welcome when they arrive. We are all one big family here at AUBSU, and everyone is really kind, so you don’t have anything to worry about at all


How do I join a sports team or society?

Our website has a huge list of many of the Sports & Societies that students like yourselves run throughout the whole year. The best way to get a better understanding of what they do is to pop along to our Freshers fayre on Monday 16thSeptember – it’s our biggest event of the whole week, and you’ll back lots of cool free things too! 


Are there any events/socials for mature, international or commuting students?

You can bet the International department here at AUB put on a wide range of activities to ensure those of you who are coming from far away feel right at home. Don’t worry though, you are all also welcome to attend our events – we even have a snazzy International Officer position available on our Executive Committee – which means you could be in with the chance to run lots more specialized events in the future – just get in touch if you want more information! 

As for Mature & commuting students – we will also be holding specialized events for all you wonderful people as well! We try to do something for everyone here, and of course you are welcome to run your own events too if you feel that something is missing – just come and talk to us


Where can I get an TOTUM card? & what is it?

The TOTUM card is an absolute must for any student! It gives you discounts on everything from clothing to books, food and travel! To buy your card go to https://www.totum.com Cards are valid for one year from date of purchase and can be ordered online or buy on campus when you enrol!


Where can I eat/drink on campus?

If you’re feeling peckish, there are lots of catering outlets on campus! To grab a sandwich, snack or drink head to the AUB Shop, or pop to the Arts Bar 

There is also the Canteen located within the middle of AUB’s campus. The catering staff provide us all with hot meals, simple snacks, a salad bar and more!  They even offer the occasional treat of burgers, pizza and chips! These services are run by the University catering department, so you can find out more about them on AUB’s website. 

We are also conveniently located right next door to Bournemouth University, who also have a wide range of food options that we can join in with – even Krispy Kreme doughnuts! 


Is there a cash machine on campus?

Yes! There is one located within the Canteen in the middle of campus


Where is the nearest Supermarket?

There are lots of bus stops located just outside of campus, the nearest supermarkets include: Asda, Sainsburys, and Aldi – and you can either take a super nice walk straight down from campus, or grab a bus – it’s entirely up to you. We will be including a full list and map with the nearest attractions and shops you’ll likely want to know about soon


Where can I get a part-time job?

There are lots of incredible opportunities happening all the time around Bournemouth – but also within the University itself. Bournemouth Student Union are also hiring frequently in their bars – so just keep an eye out. We have a snazzy Creative Opportunities page located on our website, where occasionally we get to post about some arty paid opportunities to help strengthen your CV – so keep an eye out! 


How do I get to town?

The city centre is a short walk away from our campus, but you can also grab one of the many buses that run from just outside of campus. A map and full bus listings will be included soon. 


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