Worried about starting University in September? Leaving home for the first time and need some advice? Don't panic ~ your Students' Union is here for you. We don't exist just to host events, or to help sign-post you to services on campus - we are also here to help be a friendly group on campus if something goes wrong, think of us as your family away from home. 

AUBSU is made up of a team of Staff & Executive Officers - but we are all super friendly, and are more than happy to talk to you if you need us. For now, our wondeful SU Assistant Hannah, has taken the time to give you all some settling in tips ahead of Freshers 2019! 

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1) Home from home

Your room is your safe space and it needs to work for you! Pinterest your room to make it yours- create a pin board with the things you love and the people you care about, keep your bed space minimal so you’ve got a clear mind at night and add some cute lights and plants-always plants! 


2) Get outside!

You now live by the best beach, this is good news guys. Get yourself familiar with Bournemouth; where you can go to walk, have coffee and go out- make these your go-to’s and take others with you!


3) It's cool to be kind

If you notice someone is on their own a lot or locking themselves away- be a kind one and invite them to what you’re doing, pop them a note to say you’re around if they wanna chat- if you’re really worried don’t just leave it, let someone know that can help like your Halls reception point.


4) Be the first one

Everyone wants to get on, but not everyone is brave enough to make the first move. Why not make your new house mates your favourite meal from home, you’ll be surprised at how eating together helps you get to know others quickly!


5) Plan good things

We all need routine, so set yourself a good plan now! Schedule the things you need to do for certain days- food shop, study times, social stuff and then think- self care - when are you going to make time for you and what will you do? How can you be active and keep connecting with new people?


It’s normal to miss home, and OK to have a wobble. It takes time to settle, keep talking about it- you will not be alone!

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