It's not the most usual of times; in fact nothing is normal right now, especially if you’re stepping into a new and unfamiliar situation.
So how do you know what you can expect from AUBSU during Freshers and the first term?

Well, we'll do our best to tell you what we know:



We’ve planned to host all our events online this term.

The pandemic has created so much uncertainty surrounding face-to-face events and gatherings, and no one is sure whether they will be allowed by September.

We'd rather plan to hold online events for you to get to know each other (and AUBSU) than to plan nothing until the last minute and hope that we make it through the month.
We might be awesome, but we’re not miracle workers, and we aren’t yet able to magic up events with no preparation.
(Well, we could, but they’d be pretty rubbish).

You deserve to have some well-planned-out events, that are also relevant and interesting, and we’ve worked hard to put together a schedule of events for you to enjoy. Should the situation change, and face-to-face events become safe to run once again, we will consider transferring some more manageable events to a physical space.

The Union and the University must abide by Government regulation, but we also have a responsibility to make sure that all students and staff remain safe and healthy. That means not putting anyone in harm’s way or creating situations where people may put themselves or others at risk. With this in mind, we’ll continue to do what is best for AUB students.



Community is a huge part of studying at AUB, and the Students’ Union aims to help you feel a part of this community when you join the University. We have lots of groups and networks for you to get involved in, and many of these groups meet regularly online.

During Freshers we introduce all the activities, campaigns, and groups you can join throughout the year.



Freshers can be a lot. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, our Small Things Matter wellbeing campaign may be able to help. The Small Things Matter provides advice and guidance to support self-care and good mental health.

You can access all our online resources on the AUBSU website [link], and this year we’ve produced another edition of our wellbeing journal to help you organise and look after yourself throughout the year.

If you’re finding things more difficult, you can talk to AUB Student Services, who provide a range of counselling and support services.


Course Reps

Course Reps remain a huge part of representation at AUB. We will be running online elections for each course and level group in the University, so that you still have support and guidance with any issues you may have.

If you’re interested in becoming a Course Rep, why not chat to us by emailing



Our Executive Officers represent specific groups of students, and specific issues. They’re elected by you, the students every year in March, and then any gaps in our Committee are filled in our By-Elections, held in late October.

This year all campaigning and voting will take place online.
Make sure you vote for who you want to represent you; keep an eye out on our social media and website.

We are here to support and represent you,
even if our office on campus is closed.