A new direction, a fresh start, and a completely different environment. Studying at University can be exciting, and it can also be a little confusing. Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions below.

If you still have some questions, you can send us a message at studentunion@aub.ac.uk or get in touch by messaging us on social media.


We're in the middle of a pandemic; are there events this year?

AUBSU are planning events in line with government advice, and we hope to offer a range of in-person and online Freshers’ events. That being said, we have been burned before, so are keeping a close eye on regulations in case of changes. We’ll keep in contact about any updates to our events.

For external events, we recommend just checking refund policies, so you are less likely to find yourself out of pocket if regulations change or you have to self-isolate at the time of the event.

Where can I get tickets for events?

Any event we host that requires a ticket can only be purchased or booked online via our website. Tickets will be available soon so keep an eye on our website!

What if an event has sold out?

Some of our events, such as workshops, have a limited number of spaces. This is because these events are pre-booked with an external organiser or have a limited amount of materials/space available.

If we have any spare tickets, we will make an announcement on social media.

We may have some no-show spaces available, so if you’re super-keen, contact us at the start of the event to double-check.


What if I can no longer attend an event?

If you can’t attend an event for which you have bought a ticket, please let us know.

This means we can reallocate your ticket to someone else.

Tickets are non-refundable, however if you are unsure of anything, please do read our Refund Policy.

It is up to you to make sure you can attend an event to the best of your ability before you purchase a ticket.


Clubs, Societies & Networks


How do I join a sports club or society?

You can find the webpages of our clubs, societies and networks here. All our clubs and socs are student-led, affordable, inclusive, and open to members all year round. 

We recommend that you attend a session or society meet before you purchase membership; that way you can make sure it's the right group for you. Once you’re sure you’re keen, you can purchase memberships through their webpages (make sure you’re logged in to find the link!).

Keep an eye out for our clubs and socs at Freshers’ Fair (Monday 4th October) and during Taster Week (11th-17th October).


How will clubs and socs be running this year?

Our clubs and societies are all student-led and we completely respect the decisions made by our amazing committee members about how they want to run their groups this year in the face of everything. Most are keen to get cracking again and all activities will adhere to government guidance! 

If you're interested in any particular club, society or network then it's best to reach out to any groups that you are interested in over their social media (links on their webpages) to find out what they're up to.


What if there isn't a club or society I want to join?

All of our clubs and societies are student-run and student-led.

This means that we don't dictate which groups get set up, and which are missing - that's all dependant on AUB students.

If you think there's something we're lacking, you could create a club or society of your own!

Just grab two friends who'd want to run the group with you, and contact us. We'll give you the forms and the information you need to get started, and we'll be here to guide you throughout the year too.


Are there any events for mature, international, or commuting students?

We try to make all of our events as welcoming as possible to everyone, as well as running several events and campaigns throughout the year for specific student groups. These activities are often led by the representative Executive Officer.

If you're a mature student, international student, or a commuting student and you see something missing from our events and activities, let us know! AUBSU gets better by learning and growing, and we're always happy to hear feedback on how we can improve our provision.

The International department take charge of putting on a wide range of activities to ensure those of you who are coming from far away feel right at home. For any questions about International orientation, please contact international@aub.ac.uk.




What's the deal with being on campus?

The University will be your first port of call for official information about being on campus. They have a webpage that they update with information about Covid regulations and options for testing.

We also recommend that you check your emails and your physical post regularly for updates on how the current government guidance will shape your on-campus activity.


Where is the nearest Supermarket to campus?

The nearest supermarkets include: Asda, Sainsburys, and Aldi, and you can take a super nice walk straight from campus.
We will be including a full list and map soon.


I'm struggling to settle in - is there any support available?

Student Support offers a range of wellbeing and mental health support, including counselling sessions and wellbeing drop-ins. If you’re struggling in any way or have a mental health concern, then do get in touch with their friendly team: studentadvice@aub.ac.uk. Find out more about their service here

AUBSU also has a campaign called ‘The Small Things Matter’, which brings you self-care and wellbeing tips throughout the year, as well as opportunities to connect with others. Follow them on Instagram @aubsu_matter for wholesome content and event updates.