Bus Trip: Cardiff

Saturday 27 October 2018, 7am - 7pm

Location: Meet at AUBSU

Artes Mundi is an international arts organisations based in Cardiff, Wales. Its aim is to bring exceptional and challenging international art to Wales and to generate unique opportunities for individuals and local communities to engage creatively with the urgent issues of our time. Art is not just something to be looked at; at its best it is useful and meaningful in our everyday lives. It is often beautiful, moving and illuminating, can change our perspectives and act as a catalyst for social change. Through their work, the artists in Artes Mundi 8 explore urgent themes of power, government and capital, globalisation, autonomy and oppression alongside deeply personal issues of grief, loss and anxieties about the future.

While on this trip to the Cardiff you will have the chance to participate in workshops provided by the Artes Mundi team relating to these themes and the exhibiting artists work.

The coach will board at 06:45 in the morning (meet at the SU Office), so please arrive in good time.
We will be returning to AUB campus at 19:00.