Taster Week

Monday 13 January 2020, midnight - midnight


New year, new you? Why not take up a new activity? Here's the schedule for the week - everything is free to attend unless stated, including Give it a Go sessions (usually £2)! 


Monday 13th January

Games Society, 5-7pm, The Canteen

Football Club, 5-6pm, SportBU Astro Pitches

Burlesque 5.30pm-6.30pm, AUB Dance Studio2


Tuesday 14th January

Green Team meeting, 5-6pm, Arts Bar

POSTPONED until 21/01: Netball Club, 5-6.30pm, Winton & Glenmoor Academy (Sports Hall)

Zine Society, 6-8pm, Level 4 illustration Studio


Wednesday 15th January

Animated Short Film Soc, 5pm-7pm, B001

Writing Soc, 5-7pm, K102

People of Colour (POC) Soc, 5-6pm, K008

Taekwondo Club, 5-7pm, SportBU studio 2

D&D, 5-7pm, The Canteen  

GIAG Fencing, YMCA Westover Rd, 7-8.30pm

Drawing & Painting Society, PassivHaus, 5-7pm


Thursday 16th January

Strength and Balance, 5-6pm, Dance Studio2

GIAG Boxing, 8-9pm, SportBU Studio 1

Life Drawing, 5-7pm, Passiv Haus (£1 on the door)

Disabilities and Wellbeing Committee, 5-6pm, K008


Friday 17th January

Boxing Club, 4.30-5.30pm, SportBU Studio 2

GIAG Dance Fitness, 5-6pm in SportBU Studio 1

Bad Movie, 5-8pm, B001

Volleyball Club, YMCA Westover Rd, 7-8.30pm


Saturday 18th January

Climbing Club Taster, 5-6pm, The Project (ticket required)


Sunday 19th January

Women’s Rugby, 2-3.30pm, Merrick Park