Introducing your new Sabbatical Officers

Sabbatical Officers 2017-18 Sabbatical Officers 2017-18

Our brand spankin' new Sabbatical Officers, Beth and Ezra, have been in training all week ready to take over from 2016-17's officers Lauren and Ismini.

They still have another week of handover left to go before officially starting on 17 July 2017, and we already can't wait to see the direction they lead AUBSU for the next academic year!

As a democracy, AUBSU is led by elected officers. All students are eligible to run for officer positions regardless of age, mode of study, degree, program, or nationality. Additionally, all students are able to vote for who they think would be the best candidate for the position in our main elections in March.

Fancy getting in touch with our new Sabbs already? Whizz 'em an email at (Beth) and (Ezra)