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Climbing Club

Become a part of one of the newest Olympic Sports! Climbing is a great way to get stronger, make friends, and most of all – to have fun!

With the current situation, things are obviously very different this year, but we still want to provide you with a chance to join and experience the climbing club this year!

We regularly climb at The Project Climbing Centre in Poole (located in the Dolphin Shopping Centre) and get a reduced entry fee during our club sessions. This year, we now have 4 club sessions spread across the week to allow for social distancing and to avoid having big groups of people together in the centre at one time. These sessions will be needed to book in advance, and are held on:

  • Wednesday 4-6pm
  • Wednesday 6-8pm
  • Saturday 4-6pm
  • Sunday 4-6pm


This year, we are providing two membership options:

For our experienced climbers and members from previous years, we are providing our normal membership at the same cost as last year.

Regular Membership is £35. This includes:

  • Discounted entry price at The Project for our club sessions (£4 per session instead of £8)
  • British Mountaineering Council (BMC) Student Insurance (This allows you to climb outdoors with us and covers you on your own personal trips and adventures!
  • Ability to sign up for climbing based Strength and Conditioning sessions - once per week
  • Ability to borrow club equipment from the AUB & BU storage (harnesses, helmets, bouldering matts, ropes, etc…)
  • Trips to competitions, other centres, and outdoors throughout the year
  • Access to our socials with the BU Climbing Club


For freshers and new people interested in joining the climbing club, we are providing a free ‘freshers’ membership this year. This will add you to a mailer list so we can provide you with regular updates about the ongoing situation, give you access to our socials with BU Climbing Club, and give you priority access to taster sessions at The Project Climbing Centre when they become available.


*Everything above is subject to change due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of things are outside of our control, but we aim to do the best we can to provide a somewhat normal year for our members.


There is absolutely no pressure to come along to all sessions and all experience levels are welcome! Since we are good friends with the lovely BU Climbing Club, the majority of our club activities are done together, so expect to see some new faces if you do join us!

Keep up to date with us by following us on our Facebook and Instagram for more info throughout the university year! 



All our sports clubs are inclusive to transgender and non-binary students; our Climbing sessions are open to all. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee entry to external competitions or league that are gendered. If you speak to a member of the club committee or AUBSU staff, we will be happy to contact the league/competition organisers on your behalf to check their policy on transgender and non-binary entries.