Student Activities


How will things be running next year?

Our clubs and societies are all student-led and we completely respect the decisions made by our amazing committee members about how they want to run their groups next year in the face of everything. We'll also be abiding by government regulations, whatever those may be. Your safety is the most important thing so we'll put measures in place to ensure that all our activities adhere to government guidelines and safety guidance, and have been risk assessed.

We'll keep our website updated with the latest updates, as well as all activities we'll have on offer. If you're interested in any particular club, society or network then it's best to reach out to any groups that you are interested in over their social media (links on their webpages) to find out what they're up to.




What's happening with Clubs, Societies and Networks?

We're in the planning stages at the moment, but club and society activities usually kick off from Week 1 of term, where we'll have a Taster Week so you try out anything and everything you might be interested in. Unfortunately, the pandemic has impacted how active some groups have been so we have a few less clubs and socs than in previous years. However, we are keen to support as many student-led activities as possible so please do get in touch if you'd like to start a new club or soc, or take over one that doesn't have an active committee!


Do I still need to buy memberships?

You can still purchase memberships to most active clubs and socs. Please do this, as this will help societies run and also give committee memberships your contact info so they can send updates about their activities. Most of our societies are free or a couple of quid for the year so don't worry if your budget is tight! Where impacted by Covid, we'll explore options for a reduced membership price, implemented pay per session policies or even offer some completely free options, as we really didn't want you to waste any money due to the uncertainty of activities. 

All memberships can be bought via soc pages: – make sure you’re logged in to see the membership links. (They'll go live during Freshers Week!)


I missed Freshers' last year and didn't join any groups - can I still get involved?

Yes - of course! You can join clubs and socs anytime and they're always keen to get new members. We recommend checking out what clubs & socs we have and joining the facebook groups/Instagrams of any that you're interested in (links on their society pages). That way you can keep up to date with their plans directly.

The community and social interactions that these groups provide is essential to wellbeing and can help you to feel connected. We're strongly encouraging all groups to stay active where possible.


What's going on with Give it a Go?

Give it a Go is our flexible sports programme, containing sessions like boxing, yoga and badminton. Check our Give it a Go page for updated session times and links to online sessions. 

All our Give it a Go activities will follow government guidance and restrictions where applicable.