If you've ever wanted to try your hand at a new activity, get fit, or make new friends all for the measly price of £2, then AUBSU's Give it a Go program can help.  
All sessions are fun, friendly, and inclusive for all, and will be led by a trained instructor or activator. 
While we currently only have the activities below available on our Give it a Go programme, we always want to add more! If you fancy giving something a go that you can't see on the list below, whether it's ultimate frisbee, running, hockey, zumba, or anything else, then drop us an email expressing your interest and we can look at getting it sorted.



Yup, you got it, two quid. The whole purpose of Give it a Go is that it is affordable and accessible for everybody. £2 gives you an hour (and sometimes more, depending on what activity you're doing) with a top quality instructor. Plus, the more sessions you attend, the more free stuff (such as snazzy Give it a Go water bottles and hoodies) you can get your hands on.

Don't want to faff around with change? Buy a 6 session pass or a 10 session pass!


So, how do I access all of this sporty goodness?


It's pretty easy. Check out the timetable below for times, dates, and locations of each of the sessions, then turn up on the day. Bring your student card and £2, and you're sorted!
Sessions will end at the end of term (31/03/19) and limited classes will run during Term 3.
Activity Day Time Location
Boxing Thursdays 8-9pm SportBU, Studio 2



5 - 7pm

6 - 8pm

The Project Climbing Centre
Fencing Not running in Term 3    
Taekwondo Wednesdays  5-7pm SportBU Studio 2
Yoga: Beginners Not running in Term 3    

Yoga: Experienced 

Not running in Term 3    
* Surfing and Climbing sessions are priced differently from the rest of our sessions, so will not be £2 per session (though they will still be heavily discounted)


Additional Activities


These sports cost more than £2 a session but they're still a great price for what you're getting. Don't miss out!




Try out bouldering at The Project Climbing Centre (in Poole) on Wednesdays 5-7pm and Saturdays 6-8pm at a discounted rate of £4 (that's half price!).


To climb, you'll either need to attend an induction (£10 - also half price!) or go as a guest of someone who has been inducted. Don't forget that you'll need to hire climbing shoes for £3 if you don't have your own (it's pretty tricky climbing in your regular old trainers, so we would definitely recommend the shoe hire).


Remember to bring your AUB student card to get your discount!


If you REALLY love climbing, you can join our AUB Climbing Club. Annual membership is £30, and that gives you access to a whole bunch of crazy offers and climbing trips/excursions with the club.


Alongside bouldering at The Project, the club also rope climb at Harewood College, Boscombe on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7-10pm at a discounted rate of £3.50, as well as attend our Give it a Go Yoga sessions as a group to improve their flexibility and strength for tackling walls.


Click here to join the Climbing Club





SURFING & stand-up paddle boarding


Dorset is famed for it's stunning coastline and surfing hotspots, which is why we've partnered up with Surf Steps to bring surfing and stand-up paddle boarding (SUPing) to AUB.


Buy a surfing membership for £75 (the usual price is £150!) straight from Surf steps, which will give you access to 5 flexi-sessions of surfing or SUPing. Once you've paid, you can book yourself onto any session whenever you want, though please note session dates/times may vary a lot as they are weather-dependent. All sessions are led by top instructors, and all equipment/wetsuits are included. 


To buy a pass, simply phone (07733 895538), email ( or drop into Surf Steps down by Boscombe pier. 


If you've already done the Give it a Go Surf sessions and need something more, or if you're already a pro with a board, then join the AUB Surf Club for regular surfing trips with other students.


Membership for the Surf Club costs just £35 for the year, and gives you access to all of their surf trips/excursions, as well as the opportunity to compete on behalf of AUB in surf competitions. It's a great way to meet new people, get active, and make the most of our beautiful coast. (Please note membership to the Surf Club does not include surfing lessons or instructors, and you will need to be fairly competent on a board to join, hence why we recommend doing the Give it a Go sessions first if you are new to surfing)


Click here to join the Surf Club






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