Wouldn't it be great if everyone worked together to make the world a little greener?

If you'd like to do your bit then AUBSU has plenty of opportunities for you to help out. 

AUBSU's dedicated team of student environmentalists have been working hard to encourage all students at AUB to be a little greener. 




Here is some info on our key projects that we're running over 2019/2020 with our Green Team:

Reuse and recycle by donating your unwanted clothes in exchange for ones you do want at our monthly Market Days

AUB is working hard to become a Fairtrade University so we're supporting that and encouraging our community to choose Fairtrade through engaging creative events. Keep an eye out for pop-up events and Fairtrade Fortnight (Feb-March) & our pop up events!

We've been going to Upton Country Park for the past couple of years to planting over 1000 trees each year - so we need your help!

We're lucky to have a beautiful coastline right on our doorstep and want to do our bit to keep it clean from rubbish and plastic pollution. Keep an eye out for our next clean

From 9th - 15th March, we'll have a whole week focused on everything green! Expect events and activities everyday, raising awareness of key environmental issues and getting people engaged

  • Our Monthly Swap Shop
  • Tie-dying and decorating Fairtrade clothes and bags
  • Tree Planting
  • Beach Cleans with Surfers Against Sewage
  • Go Green Week


That's just a little taster of some things we're doing. If you've got some big ideas and want to join the team, or even if you just want to volunteer to help out we've got opportunities for everyone.



Do you know how easy it is to be a little greener? It's so easy you can do it in your sleep! Find out how you can get involved with our Green Team no matter what time you've got to spare.



If you've got an hour or two most weeks to spare and want to use that time to do some good for the world you can join the Green Team. Our core team is headed by our Green Officer and together they work hard to come up with fun, interactive ways to get AUB students involved in saving the planet. Being part of the Green Team will give you experience in event planning, managing volunteers, and we provide sustainability training too. If you'd like to have a go at helping out all you have to do is email us and say you'd like to join then we tell you where to meet us!

If you want to get involved in helping the SU to make some changes to the way we work and the things that we do with the university then check out our Growing Greener plan


GREEN volunteer

We know that it can get really busy around here, there's deadlines and work and all sorts of things going on to keep you occupied, but that doesn't mean you can't help out. If you'd like to join us when we're planting trees, cleaning beaches or creating green spaces but don't have the time to help with the planning then you can still help out. By choosing to be a Green Volunteer you'll be the first to know about any environmental opportunities we're running. Plus, if you volunteer 10 or more hours of your time in the year and you'll get a certificate and be in chance with winning the "Green Volunteer of the Year" award. Just let us know you want to get involved and we'll add you to our mailing list of people who get priority invites to all our activities. 


In January-February 2020, we ran a survey to find out your attitudes towards sustainability and to find out what you want to see happening at AUB. Results coming soon!


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