RAising and Giving (RAG)


Do something charitable and have fun? Is this too good to be true!? 

Of course not! It's just AUBSU RAG. Gone are the days of sitting in bathtubs full of cold beans or rattling tins in the street, now you can do something incredible for yourself while doing something incredible for others. 

With a Santa Skydive and charity hitchhike under their belt AUBSU RAG are looking for their next fundraising adventure. If you want to get involved or even just show them some support make sure to follow our insta @aubsu_rag or contact us for more information. 




Monday 9th November

RAG Art Auction held from Monday 9th to Friday 13th.

Do you need some more prints to brighten up your uni room? Follow @aubsu_rag on Instagram to bid for some lovely artwork created by AUB Students. 

Go to @aubsu_rag on Instagram to participate in the auction. 

If you'd like to print or buy digital artwork, please see this agreement for rights for imagery. (By taking part in the auction for digital artwork, you'll automatically be agreeing to this.)


Tuesday 10th November

This lockdown doesn't have to be a mundane one! Join us in a whole week's worth of silly challenges and tasks all for a good cause.

That means you can keep boredom at bay, all while helping out some people in need. From Tuesday 10th November. We'll email you details then! 

As part of this event, we're asking that you meet a fundraising target of £10 for our chosen charity. Tickets can be found here and the £10 counts as your donation - all proceeds will be donated to Hope For Food.


Wednesday 11th November

Among Us Night 20:00 - 21:00

Can you work out who is a crewmate and who is an imposter? Join in this games night to meet some new people and chat while you play Among Us. 

Tickets can be found here and all proceeds will be donated to Hope For Food. 


Thursday 12th November 

Quiz Night 20:00 - 22:00

We've got another quiz with some fun challenges and some great prizes, come along! 

Tickets can be found here and all proceeds will be donated to Hope For Food.


Friday 13th November

RAG Art Auction closes 17:00.

Head over to @aubsu_rag on Instagram to find out if you've won!



Getting involved in RAG couldn't be easier. With two ways to participate you can choose how much time you've got to give.



If you want to get stuck right in, help decide what charities to fundraise for, organise events and be at the heart of RAG then you can join the RAG Team. The RAG Team will be headed up by the AUBSU RAG Officer who will organise regular meetings for you to do all of your planning. If you want to learn more about event planning, fund raising, managing volunteers, working with charities and organisations then being part of the RAG Team is the perfect opportunity. All you need to do is email us to pledge your support and we'll email you back with the next meeting time and place. 



If you've not got much time but still want to help out where you can then we still want you to be part of RAG! We know that Uni life gets pretty busy but we appreciate any help we can get. You can still be a RAG fundraiser and commit as much or as little time to RAG as you can. By signing up to be a fundraiser we'll let you know when and how you can help and give you a chance to join in some great opportunities. Volunteer 10 or more hours of your time in the year and you'll get a certificate and be in chance with winning the RAG "Fundraiser of the Year" award. Just send us an email with your details and we will add you to the mailing list so you can choose what you've got time to volunteer for. 


RAG Charities

We are no longer doing an AUBSU RAG Charity of the Year! Instead, our RAG Team and students will chose charities they wish to donate to throughout the year. For further enquiries, get in touch with studentunion@aub.ac.uk 




We're currently running a Instagram Giveaway! Check @aubsu_rag for details on how to enter! T&Cs here.