What is TheBUG?

AUBSU's TheBUG network provides a dedicated platform for showcasing AUB student and alumni talent. TheBUG encapsulates everything the Students' Union does which works towards the representation of student talent.

TheBUG oversees opportunities for students to showcase their talent to both the outside world and the creative community in and around campus. At AUBSU, we have our very own student gallery space(s) which are operated by the students themselves! Throughout the year the space(s) are open for students to curate their own exhibitions and host events with the help of TheBUG and the AUBSU team.



Main Gallery

The 'Main Gallery', not to be confused with AUB's 'The Gallery', is located in the basement of South House on AUB campus. The Main Gallery is dedicated to students wishing to curate either their own or group exhibitions. TheBUG team are on hand for support however the Main Gallery's purpose is to allow students to experiment, practice and showcase, think big!

The Main Gallery is bookable via the page 'Book a Space'. This space is only available to current and past AUB students and is the most flexible space in terms of curation and promotes creative expression. Bookable for day, 1 week and 2 week slots.


Exhibition Space

The 'Exhibition Space' can be found on the ground floor the North Building on AUB campus. The Exhibition space is reserved for shows curated by the BUG team (to join the team visit the page 'Join the Team'). These shows although curated by the BUG team, feature a broad range of current student work in response to chosen themes/campaigns. 

TheBUG Coordinators make the decision when these shows occur and coordinate their team to curate a broad showcase of student talent. Watch out on @aubsuthebug on Instagram for updates and open-calls to have your work featured!

This space is reserved for the BUG team, however if you wish to inquire about the space and potential use, visit the 'Book a Space' page and let us know your ideas! We'll listen to any ideas students may have!


Highlight Space

The 'Highlight Space' can be found just up the stairs from the 'Exhibition Place' on the first floor of the North Building on AUB campus. The Highlight space is curated by the BUG coordinators and acts as a rotating highlight of current student talent. This space isn't necessarily curated to fit a theme or campaign, and work may be showcased for a longer period of time (with pieces being added and taken down throughout each term).

If you'd like to have your work featured in this space, visit the 'Book a Space' page and inquire about the Highlight space. TheBUG also regularly highlights student work across it's social media channels, to inquire abour being featured on TheBUG's official Instagram page, drop a message to @aubsuthebug.


AUBSU Showcase

The 'AUBSU Showcase' is a curated selection of student work, curated by the AUBSU staff team and sabbatical officers. This showcase can be seen in the foyer between the AUBSU office and Student Services on AUB campus. These works are on show for longer periods of time and will often be curated in response to a brief/campaign, for example in celebration of Black History Month or LGBTQIA+ pride month. Follow @aubsu on Instagram for updates!