The Arts University Bournemouth Students' Union is all about you: the students – led by the students, for the students. All students at AUB automatically become members of the Union when they enrol on their course.

We work hard to ensure that all aspects of student life are well represented including: welfare, academia, employment, events, sports and societies.

As a creative university we believe our approach has to be as engaging and creative as possible. With this in mind, we aim to provide platforms where students can showcase their talents and works within the university but also help them engage with the surrounding community.

We are here to celebrate and push the arts to new levels in Bournemouth, so get involved!



AUBSU is growing and we want you to lead the change. We believe that by becoming the voice for students at AUB we will bring about relevant change to enrich your lives and offer more effective extra curricular services.

In 2014, we consulted with students about what they wanted us to do. Now, we are excited to present the future of the Students' Union.



As a student of The Arts University Bournemouth you are automatically a member of the AUBSU. This means you are entitled to a say in how we run.
You can attend our yearly meeting where you can propose ideas and vote on others, you can participate and vote in all SU elections deciding who will represent you and you can ask us to lobby the University for things you think will benefit the student body.



AUBSU has a growing number of Sports Clubs and Societies for all students to join. From football to surfing, and anime to life drawing there is something for everyone. Check out our Clubs & Socs page for more information, if you can't see anything you like then you could always start your own!


AUB Student Charter

Arts University Bournemouth offers PrepHE, undergraduate and postgraduate awards in the fields of art, design, media and performance.  These awards are characterised by an emphasis on studio practice, delivered within a community of creative professionals. 
Courses have a strong focus on developing the technical and professional skills of students, which leads to highly employable graduates both within their specialist fields and beyond. Collaboration between courses, and between students, is designed to reflect the demands of professional practice; the ways in which courses work together to provide this professional environment is a key feature of the educational environment at the institution.

This charter sets out Arts University Bournemouth’s commitment to provide you with a service of the highest quality. It is important that you respond in a positive way to this partnership to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to you, and realise your full potential.


Arts University Bournemouth’s Responsibilities

Throughout the course you may expect to:

  • be treated fairly and with respect
  • have access to accurate information about your course and AUB policies, including complaints and appeals procedures
  • receive a high standard of teaching, assessment, advice and guidance from appropriately qualified staff
  • be able to discuss academic progress with the appropriate course staff
  • have access to the learning resources you need to support your studies
  • have access to personal guidance and support from AUB services if appropriate
  • be given a timescale and framework for work set
  • have clearly defined assessments, assignments and course work marked fairly and returned with appropriate comments within an agreed timescale
  • receive help and support in developing the skills needed for successful study and subsequent progression to employment within your chosen profession
  • have the opportunity to express views on quality of teaching, services and facilities
  • receive guidance on careers and future progression routes


AUB Students’ Union Responsibilities

Throughout the course you can expect AUBSU to:

  • represent the interests of students within AUB, locally and nationally
  • ensure that students are aware of their rights
  • support students in participating in the opportunities offered by the University
  • provide social events, including clubs and societies
  • ensure that AUBSU officers are elected fairly and democratically, in accordance with the Students’ Union constitution


Student Responsibilities

Throughout the course you will be expected to:

  • take responsibility for your work and actions
  • attend regularly and punctually
  • commit yourself to work and study outside formal teaching time
  • complete your assignments within the agreed timescale
  • comply with University regulations and policies, including those governing attendance and student conduct
  • conduct yourself responsibly and show consideration and respect towards staff, fellow students and members of the local community
  • show consideration and care for University environment, equipment and facilities

Students are reminded that their responsibilities relate to all methods of communication, including electronic and social networking.


This Student Charter summarises the University’s aspirations and expectations. It is not intended as a legally binding contract, or to define or limit the legal rights and responsibilities of the University, the AUB Students’ Union and each student. All students should ensure that they are aware of all policies, procedures, regulations and guidelines published by the University and AUB Students’ Union. Copies of all documents are available on the myAUB intranet or from AUB Students’ Union.