As your Students’ Union, we can provide impartial advice on academic issues that you might experience personally or issues that may be more widely felt throughout your course. We are here to ensure that you know your options and that the decisions made by the University are fair.



If you would like to appeal a mark you have been given, or if you’re unhappy with your course or a service provided by the University, we can help explain the complaints procedure. We have also compiled a detailed Appeals Guide that can help you to easily go through the process of appealing a mark or grade that you have been given. 


Changing Course

If you feel like you might have chosen the wrong course or have changed your mind about studying, come and speak to us. Our Sabbatical Officers can help you think through your options and what you would like to do next.



Some find that moving from school/college to university is a big one, and can find it difficult keeping up with the new workload. AUB is lucky to have an excellent Student Services group who have a team of Study Skills Tutors. These tutors can offer support with academic work, personal organisation, and study skills to help you get up to speed. Any student can book a 1-to-1 with a Study Skills Tutor by clicking here