Graphic Designer Needed: Keep In Touch

What's the project?

In partnership with Refresh and Weymouth Town Council we are setting up a new project which has been highlighted through Covid 19 called “Keep in Touch”.

This project involves a telephone call service and letters, poems and pictures posted to isolated people in Weymouth. Volunteers will write letters and poems and Scouts and Brownies have already drawn some wonderful pieces of artwork that we enclosed in our food parcels and they are keen to do more to earn their community badges.

We know that this project would have a major impact on our resident’s lives as many of them were heartbroken that we had to pause our food and medicine delivery service to give our volunteers a break. 

Could you help us by designing a warm and fuzzy logo that will be used on all our printing materials?


Who we are:

Refresh is simply the Church of Weymouth and Portland in Action.  We are a group of fun loving and friendly people who care about our community. Building on the legacy of working together for the Olympics Refresh has become the "umbrella" organisation for the churches of Weymouth and Portland in serving their communities in many and varied ways. These projects include project to bring older people together over social events hot meals, and regular coffee mornings (pre Covid19). We work with many other community groups across Weymouth and Portland and support groups who service people in need.  We support rough sleepers over the winter months, run mother and toddler session and we have ready to go a project to support young mums and dad with equipment for 0 - 3 years called family matters. We also offer a debt counselling service and help families who are in need. During Covid we were in contact with over 2000 local vulnerable residents of all ages, young families, people on probation to disabled and seriously ill elderly people who have become extremely isolated during and post lockdown.  “



The name of the project is “Keep in Touch” and we would love the logo to be simple so that it could be printed in black and white along with colour.  We would like it to be fun and show love and warmth for everyone, so that when someone sees it, they feel like they have had a great big hug! We would keep the words but a logo would add the finishing touches to the title.

This is a volunteer role, where you can use your creativity and design skills to help a worthy cause.  Your design would go on all of our partners website, Weymouth Town Council and Dorset Council along with social media accounts and we would give you the worthy credit your deserve.

If you think you can help us, please contact me at Weymouth Town Council. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and you may even like to send me some artwork that we can send on to our residents as part of the project along with any logo ideas! 

If you're interested, contact Julie for more info:  Tel: 07980730029