The Pilot Parks Project Needs You!

Who are we?

The Parks Foundation aims to create inspirational parks that improve people’s health and wellbeing, reconnect people with nature and bring diverse communities together. Parks and green spaces are key to city life, by enhancing them for people and wildlife we can help sustain these beautiful places well into the future.

What's the project?

The Pilot Parks project (run by The Parks Foundation) is focused on creating an events programme for and making improvements to Alexandra Park (Parkstone), Waterman's Park (Somerford) and Winton Recreation Ground. We want to grow the parks online and through their actual communities. ‘More people, to stay longer’.

We would like your help to create an ‘on the ground’ and social media project that will engage and grow our audience online, then bring this audience to the park to engage with the results. We need your help! We're looking for creative leads to help develop all aspects of the parks, including: 

  • creating engaging interactions with members of the community through events, workshops, trails, competitions and more! 
  • developing exciting social media campaigns and an online presence for the park to increase interactions, both online and in-person 

All creative freedom will be yours and we're open to hearing your ideas! This is a volunteer role.



Simply get in touch with Nuala, our Activities Coordinator, who will chat to you about next steps and how you can put your ideas into action! Email her: