Green Week: Fair and Ethical Shopping

Fair and Ethical Shopping

There are so many things to consider when shopping that it can feel hard to get anything right. We want to make it simple for you!

When shopping, think:

  • Who made it (are they treated fairly)?
  • How far has it travelled to get here?
  • Can I buy it without excessive packaging/waste?  


Where to shop:

Almond & Co

They are more than worth the trip to Westbourne because Almond & Co are a completely zero-waste shop. Bring your own containers and fill with a whole range of products including cereals, spices, flours, oils and shampoo!

Plus Westbourne is full of charity shops so do the rounds while you’re there!


Discount Health Store

Found in Winton, Poole and Westbourne, they stock lots of organic and zero-waste products. The Discount Health Store is the perfect place to pick up your bamboo toothbrush and some fairtrade chocolate!


Sunrise Organics

Located in the triangle, Sunrise Organics are an independent vegan health food store. Not only do they stock organic food but also body care, baby care, household cleaning products, essential oils and much more!


Roebridge Farm Shop

If you’re looking for well-priced loose fruit and veg, look no further. Roebridge Farm Shop is found on Winton high street (by LIDL) and supports reused bags so you don’t have to include plastic in your shopping trips!


Our AUBSU Swap Shop

We have a clothes swap shop every Market Day where you can donate clothes that you no longer want and rehome clothes that you do! 


Some of our Green Team’s favourite Fairtrade products:

Cafédirect coffee

Cafédirect is the leading Fairtrade hot drinks brand in the UK. Launched three years before the Fairtrade mark, they pioneered its introduction in the UK and were the first coffee brand to carry the certification.

Another coffee brand that we love are Bad Hand Coffee, local to Bournemouth and are ethically conscious in their packaging and ingredient procurement.


Clipper Natural, Fair & Delicious Tea

Clipper’s tea is certified Fairtrade, which is great but it doesn’t stop there. Clipper’s tea bags are sealed with non-GM bio-material made from plant cellulose and are completely free of polypropylen.  The material they use is entirely natural and much more environmentally friendly. As well as their range of teas, they produce coffee and hot chocolate too!


Traidcraft cookies

Now you really can have a guilt free snack, as Traidcraft uses all Fairtrade ingredients including cocoa, dark chocolate chunks, sugar, sultanas, coconut and apricots. Yum!


Divine chocolate

Divine is our go-to Fairtrade chocolate because it does really taste divine! Plus, Divine uses: Fairtrade cocoa from Ghana or São Tomé, Fairtrade sugar from Malawi, Fairtrade vanilla from Madagascar, Fairtrade almonds from Pakistan, Fairtrade mangoes from Burkina Faso and Fairtrade coconut from Sri Lanka. So yep, they have Fairtrade covered.



Not only are Oreos vegan (less dairy = less footprint) but they are now labelled with Cocoa Life, a sustainable cocoa sourcing program.

Happy shopping! Don't forget to like our AUBSU Green Team Facebook page for more tips and activities!