Make Your Own Upcycled gift-Box

We love giving gifts, especially using zero-waste packaging! If you've got any little trinket gifts to give, then try out this paper craft to make your own cute little gift-box! 

  • Craft time: 15mins (quicker once you get the knack for it!)
  • You'll need: an old Christmas or birthday card (preferably square) and some scissors 

How to...

(If you're struggling with these instructions, try this Youtube video to make a similar box!) 

Step 1

Start with a square card. You'll need the front and the back so cut down the middle to separate them. The middle of the front of your card will be the centre of your box so you can go for a pattern or an image. 


Step 2

Trim the back of the card so it's slightly smaller. You can get an even square by folding the card and trimming off the excess. The back of the card will be the bottom of the box so needs to be smaller in order to fit the lid on.


Step 3

We'll make the lid first. Fold the square into two halves so there are fold lines across each diagonal. 


Step 4


Then fold two corners into meet in the middle (doesn't matter which). Once you've done this, leave them folded and then fold the flat outer edge into the middle. 


Step 5


Then unfold to the last step form a diamond. Your card should have lots of fold marks at this stage. This marks out where you'll need to cut/fold later on. 

For now, cut along the small dashes marked above. Stop when you get to the folded card. You should make four cuts in total. 

You should then be able to fold in the middle sections of the diamond to mark out the top square of your lid. Make sure to fold both middle sections into the middle.


Step 6


In the above picture, we've marked out where the middle section is about to be folded down. It's up to you whether you fold these first to make fold marks or just do it without them! 

Now, fold down the outer parts of your card at the point that the cut stops. Do this on both sides. At this stage you should have lots of folds in your card!


Step 7

You can now fold in your outer sections to form a 3D square. 


Step 8 

Fold each middle section down over the arms of the outer sections. The corners of the card should all meet in the middle (don't worry if they're not exactly aligned!). You can cellotape the middle to keep it in place, or just make sure the inner edges of the box are sharp and pressed into place. 

Then repeat the process for the back of the card to form the bottom of the box! We recommend having the back of the card facedown so your box is not matte or the personal messages are not revealed! 

Once you're done you can add your gifts inside! We like using some scrap fabric to make it a bit more special! 


Our wonderful Green Team have lots more Christmas upcycling and sustinable hacks for a greener Christmas. Check out their Instagram @aubsu_green!