TSTM: Brighten up someone's day with this clay activity

Brighten up someone's day with this clay activity


The holidays aren’t always about presents and food. Not everyone gets to or wants to go ‘home’.  The holidays can be an especially lonely time for some people, made all the more isolating by the comparisons to other people’s festive gatherings.

Feeling isolated or disconnected is common, especially if you’ve made AUB your new home. While you’re away, try and stay connected with the places and people that make you feel like you belong.


These clay rainbows are a great little gift to give to a friend or family member to help you feel connected. Spending the time to do a craft activity can help you to take a break from your work and other stresses and to concentrate on a relaxing activity. These would also make a great little handmade Christmas gift to brighten up someone's day! 


Follow the instructions below and see our handy little video to see how we made ours. 


For more activities to keep you busy whilst you have some time off, see our Small Things Matter webpage. Don't forget to follow our Instagram @aubsu_matter for some more little activities coming up!