5 Minute Volunteering


5 Minute Volunteering


One of the biggest barriers to volunteering is time. The idea of giving up an entire day seems completely unrealistic when you're dealing with a heavy workload and are barely looking after yourself, let alone someone else.

But worry not, there are loads of little things you can do to volunteer. Enter: 5 minute volunteering. Read on for some small things you can do in your tea break to help out.


Spreading awareness

You might not consider sharing a Facebook post or posting about a key issue on your Instagram volunteering but it can be! If you dedicate a post to raise awareness about a charity or initiative that you care about then you're helping out. We recommend finishing with an action that your friends can follow up with, be it reposting, donating or doing something for good.


Bee, bird or butterfly count

There’s nothing better than taking a walk through the park or having a cuppa in the garden. So why not keep an eye out for some wildlife while you’re at it? Download a wildlife count app to register your findings or find a website like irecord, where you can upload your findings. Friends of the Earth often do a bee count and have loads of info you can check out too, including the results of 2018’s count.


Websites for good

Sites like freerice.com ask you to do simple little things like vocab quizzes and in exchange they donate to those in need. You could even set www.ecosia.org as your default browser and just by searching regular stuff like "How to learn High Valyrian" you'll help plant trees!


Post Pals

Depending on your creative skills that inner might take you a little longer than 5 mins but hey it's cute and fun and I'm sneaking it in anyway. Post Pals is a charity focused on making children with serious illnesses smile. They ask for gifts, cards and drawings for kids that they will post onto them. They're website contains profiles of the kids, including their interests, from Disney to Harry Potter, so you can tailor what you send. Take a little break, do some drawing (digital or hand!) and make someone's day.


Putting a smile on someone's face

Finally, not all volunteering has to be organised. Do a little something for someone else when you next have the chance. It's the small things that often make the difference to someone's day. Make someone their morning coffee, include your housemate's washing up in your own, help out someone in need or text someone you think might be lonely.


If you were looking to volunteer more, or found that counting bees have you such a buzz, then check out our volunteering opportunities and like our AUBSU Activities Hub Facebook Page & Exec-Officer led Volunteering Instagram.