AUBSU Election Results 2018





The campaigning is over, the votes are all in and counted, and we've got your brand spankin' new AUBSU President, Vice President Education & Welfare, and Executive Committee all ready to unveil.


Without further ado, we're excited to announce that your President and Vice President for 2018/19, as voted for by you, are:



President - Gio Garancini


Vice President Education & Welfare - Chloe Harty



Gio and Chloe will be officially taking over from Beth and Ezra in July 2018 after a handover period, and we can't wait to help them to implement their manifesto ideas!


They'll also be supported by the following new Executive Committee:



Communications Officers - SVEINN KRISTJÁNSSON & Brittany Sutcliffe


Community Officer - Joao Almeida


Events Officer - Lagan Purdy


Green Officer - Lucy Abbott


International Officer - Auguste Baltrunaite


LGBT+ Officer - Autumn Scoffield


Race Equalities Officer - Louise Hall


RAG Officer - Kamila Dowgiert


Societies Officer - Ignat Ignativ


Sports Officer - Joao Soares


Volunteering Officer - Elizabeth Smith




Congratulations to each of our brand new Sabbatical and Executive Officers - and a huge well done to all of the unsuccessful candidates. This election was our most engaged with election to date, with record numbers of candidates putting themselves forward for roles and record numbers of students voting, and every single candidate really gave it their all when campaigning and encouraging voters.



So, what happens next?



Our current President, Vice President, and Executive Committee will continue doing their thing until July. Over the summer there will be officer handovers and training, and then your brand spankin' new AUBSU team will be ready to lead you when you all return to university in September.


We will also be holding by-elections in October for the remaining Executive Committee roles that nobody put themselves forwards for. The following roles will be up for grabs in October, so if you think you've got what it takes to help make AUBSU even bigger and better then keep an eye out for the next batch of elections:


Halls Officer (1 position)

Prep HE Officer (1 position)

Mature & Postgraduate Officer (1 position)

Students with Disabilities Officer (1 position)