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AUBSU Awarded Sport England Small Grants Funding Image


AUBSU Awarded Sport England Small Grants Funding


Hello you creative bunch! We hope you’re all doing well, we have some super exciting news to share with all of you as we move into a brand-new academic year at AUB! 

We’re extremely hyped to let you all know that we have just been awarded funding from Sport England for our Give It A Go project! This funding will be absolutely necessary for us to deliver our sports programme across the next year, as well as helping us to connect every AUB student with new and exciting opportunities to get active! Read on to find out more…



What’s Give It A Go you ask? Well,

Give It A Go is our sports programme, focused on providing all you incredible AUB students with engaging and fun ways to get active. We’ll be offering a whole variety of sports through this project, including boxing, fencing, Pilates, HIIT fitness, SUPing (Stand-Up Paddle Boarding) and even Roller Derby – yes, Roller Derby! We’re also aware that some of you prefer independent sports – and don’t worry, we thought about that as well… so we’ll be offering out equipment and support for those that enjoy running and cycling.

We’re also really pleased to say that this year we’ll be developing more accessible sports opportunities under Give It A Go to ensure that all students have opportunities to get active. We’ll be working closely with our Disabilities and Wellbeing Committee to ensure that we can provide you all with a wide range of activities and opportunities to help make going outside and having fun not only more accessible, but also more inclusive. If you have any ideas for what you’d like to see, or maybe a suggestion of how we could make our activities more inclusive – get in touch with these amazing people here:



Why do you care so much about students getting active?

Well, because we care about students. Regular activity has so many benefits, like improving your physical and mental health, offering the chance to meet new people who you may not have met otherwise, as well as offering you the chance to try something new out. Students are one of the most inactive groups, with the British Active Students Survey recently showing that nearly 50% of students aren’t meeting the levels of activity advised by the Chief Medical Office. We want to help tackle this – but of course, to do this we know we need to provide you with some fun and exciting opportunities! 



Good points… But what if I get busy?

Like everything we do throughout the Student union, we’ve designed our sports and activities programme around you. All sessions are flexible and don’t require weekly attendance so if you need to focus on a deadline then you won’t be behind in the sessions when you return – we know how hectic life can get sometimes, so don’t worry about needing to take some time off.



What if I’m strapped for cash?

Spent all that student finance and worried you can’t keep up with your activities anymore? We thought about that as well! All our weekly sessions are cheap as chips (literally – we checked!) and will only set you back £2 per session. The partnered sessions that take place throughout the year, such as the SUPing and Roller Derby sessions, will also be heavily discounted so you get great value for your money and don’t have to miss out if you’ve blown your student loan.  



Okay, I’m sold. How can I get involved?

Easy, just keep an eye on our Activities Hub over on Facebook for our Give It A Go timetable, pick the sessions you’d like to attend and turn up with your £2 on the door. Worried you’ll forget your money and would prefer to pay for more than one session at once? We’ve even made a little GIAG session bundle so that you can sleep knowing you don’t have to panic if you forget your cash money! To purchase your session bundle, visit our ticket section here:

All equipment will be provided so just bring along a bottle of water and dress for the activity you’ll be doing. Yep, it’s really that simple. Information for all the sports and taster sessions that will be available will soon be posted here on our website too, as well as of course our Activities Hub, but please do get in touch it you have any questions regarding our GIAG project – this is all build around you after all! 



Anything else?

So you still want to do more? That’s pretty darn awesome – and there’s always lots happening in our Activities Hub – such as our team of Volunteer Activators. Don’t know who those are? Well fun fact! These peeps are a group of students who are passionate about sport and keen to get others involved. We like them a lot and think they do an incredible job at what they do. So as a special thank you from us, every Volunteer Activator gets to attend all £2 sessions for free! We also hook them up with free training courses and extra perks too to ensure they know just how important they are to us here at the Student Union. 

There’s so much happening across the next year within the Activities Hub – so what are you waiting for! If all of this sounds like your sort of gig, get in touch, send us an email or drop us a message on our Activities Hub Facebook page


We know that’s a lot of information – but we did tell you we were excited! Before we sign off from this post, we just wanted to once again say a massive thank you to all National Lottery players for helping to support this project! Without you, we wouldn’t have the financial aid to offer out so many incredible opportunities to all AUB students – you’ve not only helped us as a charity offer out more valuable services to the student community, but also contributed towards helping students get more active – which we all know is great for our mental wellbeing! Also, a big shout out to Active Dorset, for supporting us in our funding application and all the amazing work that they do to help us get students active. So, thank you from the staff & executive team at AUBSU!