AUBSU Open Lectures Begin!

Lend us your ears! We're chuffed to announce the beginning of AUBSU Open Lectures with Fine Artist Jay Price. A self-described "artist and a schizophrenic", she has been an international activist for mental health. Join us on Wednesday 9th November at 5pm in A025 to hear her talk, "A Crowded Mind". 

Price had the first psychotic break while studying art as an undergraduate. The second followed shortly after. She sits on the boundary between trained and psychotic artist. Working in print, paint, text, video and endurance performance, the artist challenges viewers’ security in their own sanity and turns the alien into the relatable.

Price has exhibited internationally, worked around the world through the arts and been an activist for mental health. In this lecture Price will journey through the onset and experience of psychotic hallucinations and how they inevitably fed artworks, the challenges of graduating and creating your own opportunities, and fighting for three years to study at the world’s leading art and design institution amid a cacophony of mental health issues. 

Of her own work she says, "My communication is precarious between the viewer and myself. It is sadistic vulnerability-taking risks with identity, exposing intimate histories, loss of self, and presentation that provokes judgement - and fear of that judgement. A range of responses have emanated from this, from being laughed and shouted at, threatened, exposed to aggressive psychical responses, being confessed to, to being posed with for selfies." 

"There are no shortcuts when it comes to my work. When I take an easy route the work suffers and the message has no backbone to travel on. The process is arduous and begins as physically uncomfortable, pushing through to agony, because it has to be." 

Check out more of her work on her website.

We will be announcing more lectures in the near future... Look out for the ear logo!