'Appy New Year


It's 2018, and we're super duper 'appy to bring you the brand spankin' new AUBSU app, Loopd.life!


Okay, so it's not totally new. You may remember hearing all about it way back at our Freshers' Fair in 2017. But since then we've unlocked a bunch of new features and cool stuff and worked our socks off to make sure that this app really benefits students.


So, what is Loopd?


It's a snazzy little platform that's all about visuals. So it's kind of like Instagram. Except it's not. It's about creating a community of #AUBMAKERS in one handy-dandy little mobile app and encouraging cross-course collaboration, and where your profile becomes your portfolio that is viewable by students recruiting for projects.

Need graphic designers to design stuff? Or models for a photoshoot? Maybe you want a little slice of inspiration from other students' work? Or perhaps you're simply in need of a place to post pictures of your work in the studio surrounded by countless takeaway coffee cups (don't kid yourself, we've all done it!)

Then it sounds like Loopd may be the app for you!


And how do I get my hands on it?


It's straightforward to download and to join the AUB community. All you need to get in on all the action is your AUB email address, which will instantly allow you to connect to the community of makers. 

Simply head to www.loopd.life/aub to get started!