Creative Match Making

Find the Salvador Dali to your Walt Disney, the Ulay to your Marina Abramovic, the Jean Michel Basquait to your Andy Warhol, the Jackson Pollock to your Lee Krasner...

You get the gist, right?

We're holding a 'speed-dating' style session in the Arts Bar, with the goal of matching you all up with other cool beans so that you can discuss artistic disciplines and collaborate on stuff.


So. Why collaborate?

"The best art is created when it involves a team of talented individuals. It’s this coming together of various minds that allows us to create new and innovative work. As a fashion photographer and Editor-in-Chief it’s so key to make sure that the team you’ve working with are all on the same wave length. Make sure that throughout the creative process you’re constantly talking through ideas with others on the team – you never know, it might spark something more visually interesting than what you had already. There’s only benefits to collaborating, so why not do it? You’ll be creating new work, developing your network of creative individuals and above all gaining experience for the real world of work."
Harry Cooke, BA Commercial Photography Alumni – Editor in Chief, SIGH Journal

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