Extended Opening Hours

Lucky you! AUB students have just won an extra 3.5 hours in the studio on Fridays for the final Summer Term. We know too well that feeling of dread when you hear the jangling keys of the security guard coming down the studio halls at 5:30pm and suddenly you realise... it's a Friday and your wonderful work plan of staying until 9pm is shot to pieces. Well, fear not, because we've only gone and got the uni to stay open until 9pm on Fridays for the final term!

We know the final term of uni is the most stressful period for students as they try to cram into uni for every available second in the day to finish off their projects in time for deadlines. The SU has talked extensively with the University about opening hours this year and trying to improve their flexibility to reflect deadline periods for students. We hope that students make use of these few extra hours a week and that it helps with their projects. Good luck!