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Coming to AUB in September? Then you’re in luck ~ your Student Union team is here to make sure you settle in smoothly and have the very best time we can offer!

Now we bet you're asking...where can I find all the information I'll need before I arrive? Where can I get the latest information about events? What if I'm not on social media?  Don't worry ~ That's why we are writing this handy little post for you, as well as working towards updating our website to ensure you all have access to the information you need in order to have the very best Freshers possible! 


Firstly... we have our own official Freshers page. Here, you’ll be able to keep up to date with all of the events we have planned, as well as find out all the super exciting information you need to know about Freshers 2019 from your new Students’ Union – AUBSU. 

Secondly... We heard that you wanted a space to socialise and meet some of your new course mates - so we made you an official AUBSU Freshers group!

Thirdly... We of course do have our official Freshers 2019 Facebook Event, that contains all the event times, prices, and locations. Not on Facebook? Don't worry - you'll be able to find this information on all our platforms as we move closer towards September too!




But what about outside of Freshers 2019? Where can you get access to more information and know what's happening 24/7? We thought about that too, and here are all the snazzy links you'll need! 








Any urgent questions or worries? Don’t worry – you can still reach us either over Facebook messenger, or:

Telephone: 01202 363153



We are one big family here at AUBSU, so whether you want therapy doggos because you miss home, or an exciting music night – we are here to support you in any way we can, as well as provide you with plenty of fun and creative opportunities to make your time with us here the very best it can be!